Keeping track of your accomplishments

July 5, 2016

It's really valuable to keep an ongoing list of what you've actually been doing at your job. This is helpful for:
  • writing the self-assessment part of a performance review at the end of a quarter
  • help your boss make a clear, specific case for you to be promoted, and not rely on their distractable memory
  • updating your resume/LinkedIn when the time comes
  • reminding yourself that you have been competent and gotten stuff done before, if you're feeling frustrated or having a bad day

I just have a Google Doc called "Accomplishments" that I'll add things to every so often, including any kudos or compliments that I receive from co-workers. I'll also write up a short description of a project I worked on that succinctly describes why that project matters to the business and what was hard (and therefore impressive) about my part of it.

Trace Store Service Integration
Migrate from directly accessing databases through ActiveRecord to using a Thrift service instead, enabling our Data Services team to change storage backends without disruption to our end users.
Team size: 2
Don't forget to check if someone would still ask "so what?" at the end of your writeup!